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Types of website that can be made from WordPress


WordPress is a platform on which you can easily create your website. The best part about WordPress is that you don’t need any prerequisite knowledge of coding language to build a simple website. There are many types of website that can be built on WordPress. WordPress is the most flexible CMS from which you can create any types of website. Website designing company can create any type of websites from wordpress. Here are some website that you can design on WordPress-

1.    Blog or Personal Website

WordPress started out as a Blogging platform for non-tech people who want a simple website for their blogs. It was way back in 2003. WordPress has come a long way since then. With easy to use features, you can simply create a personal or blogging website.

2.    E-commerce

Now, WordPress is not only limited to blogging. It has grown over time. E-commerce websites let you buy and sell products and services over the internet. E-commerce is the most convenient way to buy and sell. The E-commerce business has taken a leap over the last decade. You can install various plugins like WooCommerce, WPEcommerce, etc to design your WordPress site into a fully functional E-commerce website. You can add a payment method; manage inventory, inventory tracking, shopping cart, shipping and many more under the same roof.

3.    Business Website

With WordPress, you can build business websites very easily. You can easily create a professional website for your business. WordPress offers many themes and plugins to quickly set up a website.

4.    Question Answer websites

You can easily create your own version of Quora or Yahoo answer with WordPress. With the right tools and feature, you can create your own online community.

5.    Membership website

One of the most popular ways to make money online is a Membership website. Here you can offer your services exclusively to the paid members of your site. Just like Netflix. People can only access your products and services if they are paid members.

6.    Religious/non-profit websites

WordPress is an ideal solution for a non-profit organisation. With WordPress plugins, you can add various functions to donate and raise money for your organization. You can accept PayPal donation, credit card and much more. There are many themes for such sites.

7.    Portfolio websites

Want to showcase your work? You can easily create a portfolio site with WordPress. Here you can add your work with images, sliders, videos, etc. With WordPress, you get a professional and clean website where you can showcase your work.

8.    Job Board

Job board is the place for listing and finding jobs. It includes popular sites like Smashing

Magazine, Problogger, etc. There is a growing number of people using job board than a freelance website to find jobs. You can easily create a Job Board website where people can post jobs and processional can respond to them.

9.    Coupon websites

With coupon website, you can earn affiliated coupons form thousands of websites who offer a special discount on their products and services. WordPress allows you to add images and manage coupons. You can also vote and rate your coupons.

10.    Websites for school and college

WordPress is behind thousands of school and college websites. WordPress is secure and easy to manage. That's why it is trusted by so many businesses as well as school/college administration.